RotoMojo NFL

Pro Pick'em Bonus

Week 11 Results

1. rommy 70
2. MuckFichigan 69
3. zskis31 68
4. ezmoney4me 63
5. Craven_Moorehead 62
6. dsalcoda 61
6. silverbullet 61
8. InMotionWithoutLotion 60
8. ChicagoLegend 60
10. WineWhore 59

Overall Standings

1. WineWhore 773
2. GK-NJ 760
3. ezmoney4me 758
4. Les7 747
5. silverbullet 746
6. Beckner 745
7. OJs-Parole-Agent 742
8. Jack3 739
9. rommy 734
9. Schmidt 734

Smack Exchange

What is "Pro Pickem"?

Here's the game:

Pick the winner in 12 games, assign points to each game from 12 being your most confident, to 1 being the least. If you picked correctly, you will receive those points for that game.

From one of the 12 games selected, choose a "Bonus" team. If that team wins, you will receive double the points. However, that team must be playing a team with a .500 or better record. If not, you cannot select it as a bonus. A bonus game is optional. If your team loses, you will receive a negative number of points selected.

If you pick your 12 pointed games correctly, you will also receive a bonus of 10 points for an even 100.

From the games you did not pick, you should also pick winners for those games, but leave the points at zero. Your picking prowess in those games will be used as a tie breaker. The more games picked in the tiebreakers, the better. 2 for 4 will beat 2 for 2.

About RotoMojo

RotoMojo was first a Rotisserie Baseball Software experience built by Mark Johnson. It was cool - in 1998. But ESPN and CBS Sports have a lot more programmers than me, so it didn't make sense to keep it up myself.

Instead, I run the Pro Pickem Bonus Pool, originally started by Dave Shannon (I think), evolved to Doug Marlatt, and then was passed down to me.